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obergfellja posted 3 days ago at 5:13 pm
I am looking at the mobile section and Chat section and wondered if there is a way to activate the Mobile Rendering of the FREI Chat (which I have bought the Corporate version 11 a while back) ? I wanted to be able to give my users the ability to flip to a chat page if they want to, but unsure what the link would be.

I think it would be [domain]/freichat/client/chat.php , but would like so
recent by admin  ·  1 day ago at 2:04 pm
hard_as_snails posted Mar 29 '16 at 1:43 pm
Email notifications

Send copy via email

Links to profiles in inbox

HTML Editor, plain text and/or emoticons in email (admin controlled)

Browser notifications

Notification if message has been read

User blocking

Admin blocking/banning/suspension of messaging facility per user type and/or per user

Spam filter to flag up and queue for admin and/or daily send limit

How can I add a private message button below the reply button on a post?

No-one can ever figure out how to private message on the forum I get complaints about it all the time, its kinda pointless to have it when people cant figure out how to use it.

clicking on the posters user name is not intuitive at all

the post needs to have a private message button somewhere clearly visible

recent by brenwa  ·  4 days ago at 7:53 pm
Meanman posted Apr 30 at 10:13 am
Hi i have installed the chat system here http://biggerpeopleschallenge.org.uk/

everything works great except one thing, on the chat you can enter your message but when you click the return button to add the message so the other person can see it, all it does is drop down to the next line without posting it, in the char rooms i have created it works fine.

recent by admin  ·  5 days ago at 5:26 pm
Humhub 1.25 Stream doesn't load when freichat 11 is activated.

Here are the errors I get:

Uncaught TypeError: $ is not a function
at setMailMessageCount (index.php?r=dashboard%2Fdashboard:192)
at index.php?r=dashboard%2Fdashboard:183
index.php?r=dashboard%2Fdashboard:407 Uncaught TypeError: $ is not a function
at index.php?r=dashboard%2Fdashboard:407
recent by admin  ·  5 days ago at 5:24 pm
If yes, how do I configure it to do so? I'm asking because there are templates I intend parsing on the site which have no part in the forum section. Do I need a separate installation to use smarty (as I can't find it in the location smarty installation guide suggested I'll see it) or can I tweak something in my target directory and then intercept the preexisting instance in the forum folder?

recent by admin  ·  Apr 29 at 5:26 pm
hard_as_snails posted Apr 3 at 8:27 am

Profile avatar button [FIXED]
Search bar in mobile [DONE]
Edit profile with custom fields error [FIXED]
Handle request URI too long
Add descriptions for the new added permissions
Edit profile permissions incorrect
codopm add option send a copy via mail
codopm add more visible send pm button
Add sort by
FB sharing
Add option to precheck remember me
Search doesn't
Mervin posted Apr 25 at 1:09 pm
hey guys!

I am currently trying to do a piano website, where users can come for lessons. I have already got a website setup and styled with CSS but I am trying to learn more about database and php. I would like to have the ability to upload some videos on my site and some of those videos are free lessons while for the rests, it would be charged. For example... I am using a few books for my le
Has anyone had success getting the Search Engine Friendly URLs to work?

If I turn the 0 to a 1 in the constant file, and activate the htaccess while I have a forum setup it just endlessly refreshes until my browser stops it.

If I turn the 0 to 1 and activate the htaccess before I do the forum installation setup, the installation setup doesn't work (says it can't find any of the files.)
recent by Regentl0rd  ·  Apr 18 at 4:26 am
Harlekin posted Apr 8 at 9:27 am
There are errors if i use freichat on PHP 7.2.4 with PHP Fusion

admin_base.php line 75:
$dim = count($name);
should be:

$dim = is_array($name) ? count($name) : 1;
i become this error:
Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in ... administrator/admin_files/home/client_side/index.php on line 42
if i disable chatrooms in ACP, i have a blue field on bottom of the site
recent by Harlekin  ·  Apr 16 at 4:23 pm
Aahz posted Dec 10 '17 at 12:06 pm
I would like to change the variable <meta name="author" content="BABA"> and <meta name="generator" content=""> to something more suitable to may forum, and I'm not sure it is possible to do that via back-end control panel, so i assume it has to be harcode changed, yet i would like to keep that change future, updates friendly, as i heard there is a major update coming, and don't
recent by admin  ·  Apr 15 at 6:16 pm
Aus posted Mar 9 '16 at 8:02 am
@adesh1414127033 Is it possible to have the posts within a topic be in reverse order? i.e. newest on top?
If possible is it something that can be user specified i.e. each user decides in which order to present the posts within the entire forum just for them.

recent by Richard  ·  Apr 5 at 2:24 pm
MKWeb posted Mar 31 at 8:07 pm
Once installed and I login to the admin area, everything I click on (other then the dashboard itself) returns an error in arg.php

Fatal error: Call to a member function fetchAll() on a non-object in /home/u72/public_html/daytraderstar/chat/arg.php on line 65

Fatal error: Call to a member function fetchAll() on a non-object in /home/u72/public_html/daytraderstar/chat/administrator/admin_fi
admin posted Jul 3 '17 at 8:29 pm
We have released a new version of v.4-Alpha with following changes

Added Moderator only access in the admin panel.
Poll plugin
New theme
Sort by Most popular, newest and most commented
[more features will be added in the subsequent releases soon]

Click here to download V-4.0-Alpha

Old Forums can be upgraded:
You can find it here: http://<YourForum.com>/admin/index.php?page=m
recent by hard_as_snails  ·  Apr 3 at 7:16 am
phig330 posted Mar 20 at 12:43 pm
hello codo team !!
any news and/or update on codoforum ? Are you still working on the forum ?

We had not enough time to upgrade our 3.7 forum to 4.1, as we have modified forum code to add some features that are not yet in 4.1 ( like custom userlist with personnalized fields ).
Is there a new release planned ?

thanks for your work !

recent by hard_as_snails  ·  Apr 3 at 7:12 am
Ayie posted Feb 23 at 12:57 pm

this my table> can anyone help me how to data like this to my table

411,1,1,200 m WANITA - AKHIR,+0.6,M/S,,,,,"20:01,18.0794"
1,458,5,,NUR AISHAH ROFINA BINTI ALING,SANDAKAN,26.15,,26.144,,,"20:01,18.08",,,,26.144,26.144
2,401,8,,RUJIAH JAHAMIN,RANAU,27.13,,same time,,,"20:01,18.08",,,,0.978,0.978
3,009,7,,CAMELLIA JASTEN,BEAUFORT,27.65,,same time,,,"20:01,18.08",,,,0.520,0.5
This seems to be a unique forum. Every open source forum you find is very similar as far as how they look. They may have skins you can use which is basically throwing a costume on the same design but this is rather unique. How hard would it be to change up the style a little bit, may be add advertisements or other things to the sidebar, change color, header, basically play around with the style?
recent by admin  ·  Mar 22 at 9:47 pm
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