About us


we our work
we build what people want and have fun doing it.

What's your history?

It all started as an idea. An idea to create our own social networking website.
We started out by coding the essential components of the website such as the chat system, file sharing system etc.
But we soon realised that we were more interested in creating new things rather than maintaining a website.
we started giving away the components that we created for free.
People liked our work, we soon started receiving emails regarding new project proposals
and so began EVNIX which was later renamed to CODOLOGIC.

What is your best achievement?

Even before CODOLOGIC came into existence, We(the founders) have put our skills and creativity for a good cause by helping the community by creating(donating) a lot of management softwares for our local schools and charitable organizations which were doing their bit in helping the community. We continue the good work till date.

Meet the Founders,

Capable of turning any imagination into virtual reality, Avi started Reverse engineering programs when most kids of his age were busy with their PlayStations.
When it comes to style, He loves clean, elegant design and is a big fan of the International typographic style.
When he is not on his computer, he tries to understand the mysteries of the universe.
Currently interested in Quantum Computing & Cooking :)

Don’t let her youngish appearance fool you: Adi’s IT skills surpasses that of many elders of the trade with ease!
Be it designing, programming or setting up scalable server infrastructures.
she is multilingual, she speaks English, Konkani, C++, PHP, Javascript and many more.