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While editing custom user fields title input shows incorrect value, it shows the same value what is set for name

You can fix it by changing

{if isset($field.title)}{$}{/if}


{if isset($field.title)}{$field.title}{/if}

in admin/layout/templates/users/profile_fields_edit.tpl on line 47

recent by admin  ·  May 3 at 4:35 pm
Hi. I have found bug in Language settings. When you create new language and try to edit it, new values are stored in the file, but you cannot see them when you reload the page.

You can fix it by changing line 30 in admin/modules/system/language_settings/edit_language.php

$CODOT = array_merge($CODOT, $english_values);

$CODOT = array_merge($english_values, $CODOT);

recent by admin  ·  Apr 30 at 8:16 pm
DavidRatoi posted Apr 22 at 10:08 am
Hello there!
My name is Dave and I recently started using Codoforum. I need a litte bit of help, cuz' I'm kinda new.

I'm trying to find a way to use colors for each role in part. I found a plugin on GitHub, but I have no idea if it works, how to install it. (LINK: [codoforum-colored-roles] )
If there is another way using colors for roles, I would be very happy to hear some opinions.
recent by admin  ·  Apr 22 at 7:20 pm
It is a great pleasure to announce a new release of our forum V.4.6

We have fixed some annoying bugs in some plugins and fixed various ui issues.

We have also added a new plugin named 'Anti Spam Rules' for protecting your forum from spam. A visit to the forum just to see spam posts every day should greatly reduce after installing this plugin in your backend.

The new release com
trevor.ambrose posted Feb 19 at 8:00 pm
When I get a notification of a posting to me Hotmail account it tells me who has made the posting.

When I go to the site, I find that someone altogether different has posted the message. What's all that about?

We are relatively new to using Codoforum but it seems to have many glitches and not much development going on.

Is anything on the horizon to improve the way it works?

recent by admin  ·  Apr 9 at 3:59 pm
sokdina posted Mar 22 at 2:03 pm
Hi guys, I use elgg 2.3 and plugin with Freichat. The installation is fine but when I started to configure for any menu like Client side. I can't. It is blank like in the picture. can you tell me what I did wrong?

recent by alexhood  ·  Mar 28 at 8:31 am
azlan posted Jan 15 at 4:33 am
dear admin,,
help me,, erorr about freichat,

i dont understand ,,
Hmm :-( Failed to connect to your database ERROR:
Notice: Array to string conversion in C:\xampp\htdocs\simdat\chat\installation\smart_ajax.php on line 1132

Notice: Undefined property: Smart::$Array in C:\xampp\htdocs\simdat\chat\installation\smart_ajax.php on line 1132

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Fu
recent by admin  ·  Feb 5 at 5:13 pm
bosskilla21 posted Dec 13 '17 at 3:29 pm
I got this problem when installing freichat

Hmm :( Failed to connect to your database ERROR:
Notice: Array to string conversion in C:\xampp\htdocs\freichat\installation\smart_ajax.php on line 1132

Notice: Undefined property: Smart::$Array in C:\xampp\htdocs\freichat\installation\smart_ajax.php on line 1132

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Function name must be a string in C:\xampp\htdocs\freic
recent by scopion1745  ·  Jan 25 at 9:32 am
Hello everyone

I am new in CodoForum. I am installing it on my WebHost: The installer Works well, but when I type my correct credentials in the Step 2, the button display me always "Installing..." phrase.

Is that normal?
Thanks a lot in advance

Hi @admin
A lot of people asking for a Codoforum Chat and PM solution. So why not integrate Freichat as a integrated solution in Codoforum?

People can use Freichat as a nice chat solution, but it is also good enough for most community wanted PM features.

So before you have to install Freichat as a extra separate app for Codoforum, why not make it an integral part of Codoforum?

recent by admin  ·  Jan 23 at 6:38 pm
odie71 posted Jan 19 at 1:42 am

I am new to Joomla so I may have something wrong. I have added Freichat to my site to deploy chat functionality. The installation went well but when I click the chatroom and attempt to chat, nothing appears in the chat text field. I am able to post images to the chat and smileys. If I enable JQuery Conflict removal, the chat function display. Also the chat rooms show 1 user in
recent by admin  ·  Jan 21 at 3:02 pm
WebCrew posted Jan 20 at 8:46 pm
Hallo Community

a few days ago I thought its sad that there is no dark theme out there for Codoforum Version 4.6.+

Then I made a copy of the CF 2k18 theme and did some few changes (so far not that many) to get a slightly darker style. Even if you can already use it, its a work in progress and I will integrate more features and style changes in the near future.

For now you can make us
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