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admin posted Jan 10 '14 at 7:02 pm

After a long wait, we have released the new version of codoPM


1. autocomplete for searching users
2. option to send messages to multiple users at once
3. added support for translations
4. cyrillic characters bug fixed
5. improved css
6. utf-8 names bug solved
7. file uploading bugs fixed

You can download the latest version from

admin posted Dec 22 '13 at 4:16 pm

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admin posted Nov 30 '13 at 5:34 pm


FreiChat V9.5 is released , it mainly includes many important bug fixes , so we recommend you to update to the latest version. 


  • phpfusion avatar and link to profile integration

  • time next to messages in save conversation

  • german file added thanks to 

  • guests can now change their names

  • added mobile tranlations

  • CSS improvements

  • improved chatroom backend configuration options



  • prevent banned users from posting

  • chatroom name with quotes bug fixed

  • ACL options not affecting mobile chat fixed

  • mobile chat unusable after refresh in subpages fixed

  • mobile chat back button bug fixed

  • theme maker gradient editor bugs fixed

  • theme maker save function not working fixed(also made more effecient )

  • multiple chatwindow duplication bug fixed

  • fixed duplicate users in mobile chat

  • fixed chat sound notifications

  • profile link inconsistencies fixed

  • mail widget fixed in mobile chat

admin posted Oct 25 '13 at 3:26 pm

Finally after 2 months , we have released FreiChat V9.4 

The delay for this release is mainly because we have been simultaneously developing two products .

One of them is



  • logout button added in backend

  • option to make chat time always visible

  • danish file added thanks to tr[@]totaldesign.<wbr>dk</wbr>

  • guests can now change their names

  • made smileys independent from themes

  • CSS improvements

  • added translations for mobile



  • chatroom name corrected

  • no users on left side of chatroom

  • bug while adding smiley fixed

  • chatroom wrench title 

  • sound bug fixed in mobile

  • comet mode bug fixed

  • chatroom from name bug fixed

  • autogrow chatwindow content height bug fixed

admin posted Aug 13 '13 at 2:37 pm

FreiChat V9.3 released


  • chatroom color picker 

  • added chatroom translations to language file

  • user state is saved permanently 


  • mobile chat bugs fixed

  • chatroom backend configuration bugs fixed

  • upload window not closing bug fixed

  • theme maker bugs fixed

admin posted Jul 14 '13 at 6:48 pm

FreiChat V9.2 released . Our main focus was on chatroom this time.


  • Jcow driver with friend , avatar and link to profile integration

  • backend setting to remove message interval

  • complete new style for chatroom

  • option to create new chatroom 

  • password protected chatroom



  • smileys bug

  • document ready specific bug

  • chatwindow on reopen height bug

  • cache bug

  • chatroom bugs

admin posted Jul 5 '13 at 2:05 pm

FreiChat V9.1 released . It has some important UI bug fixes . so do upgrade . 


  • Allow freichat to be placed anywhere inside the CMS/website directory

  • New animated smileys

  • Social Engine driver with freinds , avatar and link to profile integration



  • from name not appearing on window open

  • corrected chatwindow height onclose

  • chatroom messages overflow bug

  • chatwindow css issues

  • gzip compression

  • smiley insert query bug

  • custom query bug 

admin posted Jul 4 '13 at 5:28 am


FreiChat V9.0 has been released . With this comes the most awaited feature i.e Audio/Video chat


1. Video chat

2. mobile message notfications 

3. mobile chatroom

4. added driver checks during installation


Bugs/ fixes

1. backend chatroom & smiley bugs fixed

2. installation bugs fixed

3. avatar integration bug fixed

4. dashboard graph bug fixed

5. purge history bug fixed

6. message overlap bug fixed


<dont know="">Improvements</dont>

1. removed unnecessary js/css from administration and installer for better performance 

as always you can find the latest version in the

admin posted Jun 18 '13 at 9:47 am

This version contains only bug fixes .


1. xhash order bug
2. htaccess file removed
3. ie console problem
4. email issue solved

admin posted Jun 14 '13 at 8:34 pm


FreiChat 8.7 has been released . The initial focus for this version was the theme maker . So it has a lot of improvements alongwith a complete new theme .


1. oxwall integration with freinds , avatar and real name support

2. option to rotate chatroom label

3. new theme -> silver [ Built using the theme maker ]

4. new stylish scrollbar for chatwindow and chatroom messages

5. ms sql server support [and ASP]

6. color picker and gradient selector added in theme maker


Bugs/ fixes

1. jquery noconflict bug fixed

2. icons not visible in IE bug fixed

3. removed bare table css styles in styles.css

4. unable to click on chatwindow  minimize fixed

<dont know="">5. solved IE doctype issues</dont>

6. cache problems fixed

7. moderation errors solved

8. zlib compression conflicts fixed

<dont know="">9. backend ACL options not saving problem fixed</dont>

<dont know="">10. smiley overflow issue on adding many smileys</dont>

<dont know="">11. many theme maker bugs fixed </dont>

<dont know="">12. backend smiley creation problems</dont>


<dont know="">Improvements</dont>

1. new ui for upload and email plugins 

2. many css improvements


<dont know="">Security</dont>

<dont know=""> 1. session not started in upload</dont>


we have released an opensource jquery based gradient selector
have a look here

This will soon be included in the theme maker in freichat.

admin posted May 15 '13 at 3:33 pm

FreiChat 8.6 has been released with the following changes:

---> Features
1. Smart custom installation (and it is really smart)
2. lot of rewrites in the installation script
3. SMF 1.X and SMF 2.X driver added with avatar support & real name/username selection support
4. added unix socket + fixed port + default port + during database connection

---> Improvements
1. response data reduced by half for every request
2. Many CSS improvements

---> Bugs/ fixes
1. avatar url fix for later Elgg version added in SOLUTIONS.txt
2. custom installation check for unwritable files
3. chatbox textarea styles fixes for Elgg
4. chatroom online count bug fixed

---> Security
1. Admin password made compulsory
2. installation security fixes
3. file upload security fix

---> Contributions
1. spanish translation file contributed by Jose Manuel [kickkazama]@[gmail].[com]

Please note , due to some of the security fixes it is strongly recommended that you install the latest version of FreiChat (i.e V8.6) as soon as possible

admin posted May 3 '13 at 9:20 am

We have now added a demo of freichat for the Joomla CMS .

It is currently available for all guests .

You can also login using the following four test user accounts :

1. username : demo1
password : demo1

2. username : demo2
password : demo2

3. username : demo3
password : demo3

4. username : demo4
password : demo4

You can access the demo site here

admin posted May 3 '13 at 9:20 am

FreiChat 8.5 was an unexpected release due to some of our hardware issues on our server

The most noticing change is the theme maker

Theme maker changes:
1. A complete new look
2. selected elements are now outlined
3. option to get parent element of the current selected element
4. added description of current selected element
5. option to add multiple css styles at once
6. option to add and get all states of the selected element like :hover, :focus etc
7. background image url bug when changed on fly
8. option to set current theme as default

Some other bugs were solved in installation script

admin posted Apr 25 '13 at 11:17 am

FreiChat 8.4 has been released and the most noticing change in this version is its complete new backend .

Features added :

1. Added more filter options in user moderation
2. mobile translations
3. new styles in theme maker to edit style of from message and to message
4. Complete new backend

CSS improvements :

1. many css fixes/improvements

Bugs :

1. 1 Major bug in chatroom + 2-3 minor chatroom bugs are fixed
2. Wordpress install bug fixed

admin posted Mar 27 '13 at 12:41 pm

FreiChat v.8.2 has been released .

Features added :

1. avatar and status image added in chatroom users
2. Joomla group based access
3. chatroom slider position can be set as top or bottom in backend
4. chat options can be set to be shown as default in backend
5. ACL for private chat added in backend
6. reduce query usage for chatroom users by reusing the fetched users
7. mobile chat

Theme maker V 2.5 :

1. Hints added
2. Made compatible with firefox
3. Updated the HTML to the latest version
4. Improved functionality
5. rename bug solved
6. CSS parsing and many other bugs solved

Bugs :

1. Prototype function conflict
2. Sound bug after first message

Improvements :

1. css improvements for chatroom and backend theme maker

admin posted Feb 2 '13 at 5:50 pm

FreiChat v.8.1 has been released . And with it comes back the theme maker .

Features added :

1. phpbb avatar support
2. option to disable/enable freichat in backend
3. option to not load chat for guests in backend
4. option to change chatroom offset in backend
5. option to change chatroom label & position in backend
6. added option to enter port for database connection (installation)
7. update moderate users for all drivers
8. complete rewrite of theme maker with many bugs solved

Changes :

1. changed from persistent to non-persistent connection
2. some more language translations for chatroom

Bugs :

1. solved bug for empty result in driver
2. change arg.php to hardcode.php in installation
3. improper boolean check for $first in driver

Improvements :

1. css improvements for status and chatroom

admin posted Jan 23 '13 at 12:39 pm

Its been a month or so , and a major version i.e, 8.0 has now been released; after all the last minute bug fixes .

Features / Improvements:

1. Return cursor to first line on carriage return
2. Auto-focus text area when smiley is selected
3. time is shown in chatroom
4. Persistent status of minimize/maximize of chatbox after reload [can be made user defined]
5. chatroom position can be switched between left and right in the backend
6. chatroom autoclose can be set in the backend
7. 4 decimal precision for messages for accurate delivery
8. reduced overhead due to translate.min.js
9. Overall JS overhead reduced from 504.8 KB to 288.54 KB
10. Auto increase height with message content
11. Conditional loading of jQuery

Bugs / Fixes:

1. zlib conflict
2. loading of previous messages when clicked on online user.
3. listing of unnecessary file "index.html" in language selection in backend.
4. solved lagging on loading large list of users in moderation section in backend.
5. unnecessary commas between messages.
6. fixed problem of unsent messages due to fast typing.[messages are now queued]
7. fixed ordering of messages (ordered by time instead of sent)
8. email bug fixed
9. auto-install for sugarCRM

CSS fixes:

1. corrected height of elements
2. corrected padding for search
3. chatroom fix for firefox
4. unnecessary scroll bar when one user is online
5. solved many conflicts with inherited styles/properties
6. Some IE fixes

Dependency Updates:

1. jQuery updated tp 1.8.3
2. jQuery UI updated to 1.9.2
3. Added LESS framework for CSS

Security fixes:

1. SQL injection fixed

An Important Change:

the themes directory has been changed from
~freichat/client/jquery/freichat_themes to

admin posted Nov 26 '12 at 10:47 am

We are soon going to release the Video chat feature.

Our Video chat is unique as you will be able to stream HD videos without any additional software.

Its a A/V chat solution for developers that brings high quality face-to-face video straight out of the box.


If any one wants to test out the video chat, Please contact us using the "Contact us" link, don't forget to mention your name and website address.


Requirements: Any Latest Chrome Browser, PHP and an SQL database.. That is it!

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