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Apple has unveiled new accessibility tools slated for release later this year. One standout addition is Eye Tracking, enabling users with physical disabilities to operate iPads or iPhones using only their eyes.

Here's how it works: Apple's Eye Tracking Feature utilizes the front camera and artificial intelligence to monitor eye movements, facilitating device navigation. Tailored for individuals with physical impairments, the setup is quick and easy, taking only seconds to calibrate. Machine learning algorithms assist in app navigation, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Crucially, all setup data remains securely stored on the respective devices and is not shared with Apple. This feature seamlessly integrates with iPadOS and iOS apps, eliminating the need for additional hardware or accessories.

Moreover, users can access additional functions such as physical buttons, swipes, and gestures through Dwell Control, activating each element and navigating solely with their eyes.


Hello community,

I have been a volunteer moderator here for many years, helping the Codoloic team in the forum.

What's going on right now:

As you have noticed, the development of Codoforum and also the support in the forum have been somewhat limited, or rather, have come to a standstill for the time being.
This is for private reasons, but the Codologic team will get back to it, so you can certainly hope that everything will return to normal - however, I cannot give you a time frame for this. Everyone has good and bad times in life, so please take this into account.

Here you can read more avout the topic:

Do NOT spam and write in ENGLISH please:

Another important topic is spam here and language. Anyone who leaves spam here will have their topic deleted in any case, and if they violate this again, their account will be banned forever!

So please refrain from spamming and the language in the forum is only ENGLISH.

Thank you very much and best regards

Your moderator, WebCrew smile


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admin posted Sep 13 '20 at 8:36 pm

After months of development and testing and your valuable feedback, we are very pleased to announce the release of new version of our forum, Codoforum V5.0
Our primary focus for this release has been the internal framework itself and a whole host of new features.

Here are some of the major changes:

Highlight to Quote:

Now you can easily quote while replying to topics by simply highlighting any part of the text and clicking the quote button.


Now easily assign badges and make your members feel special.


You can also upload your own badges from the control panel


Sticky topic without permission

This is really useful when you want your categories to be private but would want the sticky topic to be visible to users who do not have permission to view the category. This can be toggled from the Global Settings in the Control Panel.

Login as any user

Note: This feature is for admin users to help debug any issues and hence you are responsible to uphold any privacy laws that are prevalent in your country. This can be accessed from Manage users -> Edit a user, and you should see a button to login as that user.

Replace Limonade with FastRoute Router

We have been using the Limonade framework for over 6 years now and the framework isn't being maintained and is not compatible with new version of PHP (PHP7.4 and above), Hence we switched to FastRoute, It is written by Nikita Popov, one of the current principal contributors to PHP, Apart from being fast, it is also used as a base for many other frameworks out there.

Global search feature

We have centralized both the topics and category search into one unified interface with advanced filters and sorting options.

Other Features:

  • Responsive videos for mobiles
  • Backend options for infinite and hide topic messages
  • Libraries moved to composer
  • Added vBulletin Importer
  • New plugin for Azure Active Directory support
  • Faster email batching and dequeue

We have made a couple of performance improvements as well as fixed many bugs.

List of changes:

  • Cyrillic characters fixed
  • Excerpt updated for better performance and view
  • Mentions not working properly fixed
  • Title split fixed
  • Permission fixes and aggregator fixes
  • Made save button responsive in all pages
  • Added non-ssl mail support
  • Fixed digest bugs
  • Infinite scrolling not working fixed
  • Fixed responsive theme issues
  • More prominent create/reply buttons
  • Password fix for PHP 7.4
  • Poll edit bug fixed
  • BBcode multiline not working fixed
  • Added missing translations when infinite scroll in topic
  • Delete post bug fixed
  • Many Editor UI fixes
  • Closed topic permission fix
  • Image preview fix
  • Template bug fixes

Preparing for PHP 8 and Codoforum 6

Codoforum so far has maintained strict backwards compatibility, this means you could upgrade from the oldest version of Codoforum to v5 without any major issues. The plugins written for v1 would still work for v5. This ofcourse comes at a price, The price being a lot of bloat to maintain backwards compatibility and a lot of time spent in regression tests. Codoforum v5 removes a lot of bloat and is almost a major rewrite, but as we are tied to PHP 7.3, we still cannot use the new PHP features like, Typed class properties, JIT, Attributes, Null safe operator, named arguments etc which make the code a lot cleaner, faster and easier to maintain.

Hence, we have decided that going forward, the next major release would target PHP 8, Yes, we know PHP 8 isn't out yet and is a few months away but we have already started making preparations for it.

What would this mean for you?
Likely nothing to worry about, you will be able to upgrade from V5.x to v6 from the control panel, If your plugins and themes target v5, they will mostly work as they do. If there are issues, we will help you through the upgrade process.

recent by thobias44  ·  Aug 7 '22 at 7:19 pm

While you wait for the next release of Codoforum,
we have something else for you..

Codoku - A static website maker for writing guides and documentation.

Download now:

For existing users of FreiChat and Codoforum (Free or Paid) will get a commercial license free of cost. [Offer valid for the next 30 days]

Contact us on with the URL to your Freichat or Codoforum installation and receive a full commercial license for free.

recent by WebCrew  ·  Nov 23 '20 at 9:23 pm

what's new in [4.9.1]

  • Fixed compatibility issues with PHP 7.4
  • Notifications tab fix in edit profile
  • Preferences style fix
  • Smiley fix for forum posts
  • Update jquery nestable plugin
  • Vintage theme template and css fixes
  • Security fix in admin category
  • Fixed draggable not working for nested categories
  • Edit avatar fix for firefox

There will be another release(4.9.2) within the next week or two, for a few bug fixes.

The upcoming major revision [5.0], will have some major improvements,

  • We plan to separate cache and uploaded asset storage and code.
  • Some re-structuring to make the code look modern and standard so as to make it easier for people coming for other frameworks to make changes easily.
  • We do plan to keep things backwards compatible and hope to make it a one click upgrade.

Solve below & any other pending bugs from forum:

PS: Thanks to all the contributors, community members and our well wishers, your feedback and appreciation keeps us going smile

Happy Easter!
Stay Home. Stay Safe.

admin posted Dec 25 '16 at 2:13 pm

We have released a new version of 3.7.1 with following changes

  • Auto close deleting topics bug fixed
  • Notifications in All Notifications not linked to topic/post bug fixed
  • Manual upgrade

Some people were facing issues that their database schema was not getting upgraded so we have provided a hidden page in the backend to only run database upgrade.

You can find it here:

We have also upgraded this forum to the latest version.

We have now started our work on 3.8 which will have some improvements on codopm private messaging plugin as well as the polls feature.

admin posted Jan 6 '20 at 9:39 pm

We have had a few contributors on this forum through the last 5+ years.

So we have decided to announce contributions every month:

Thank you for your continuous contributions throughout the time. Not only does he help people on the forum, he also contributes directly by sending code and valuable suggestions.

Prasanth c41m
Thank you for your recent contributions and advance notification regarding the recent exploit that you encountered in Codoforum. [We will add more detail here once the patch is out]

recent by quenquen  ·  Apr 1 '20 at 5:02 pm

Codoforum 4.8.4 is released.

It includes a patched XSS vulnerability, it also fixes a few other issues:


  • Fix bug showing duplicate users when users have multiple roles
  • Fix bans not applying for uni login and sso plugins
  • Fix mentions style and 404 avatars
  • Fix for custom user fields
  • Security fixes (Read below)
  • Add manage freichat link
  • Fix instant notifications
  • Updated less compiler to 0.5.0

Read more about the XSS vulnerability here:

[link: ]

Since PHP 7.4 was released a few weeks ago, the next release will be targeted towards PHP 7.4 compatibility and a few more performance enhancements.

admin posted Dec 26 '19 at 10:29 pm

Since Freichat was an offloaded service, it was very difficult to change the look and feel of FreiChat, The upcoming release of FreiChat will have a nice backend to Manage Appearance as well as Translations (The release will also include plenty of bug fixes).

Here is a screenshot of what it looks after you play around with the colors,


Do let us know if you have any feedback.

recent by admin  ·  Dec 28 '19 at 8:24 pm
admin posted Oct 16 '19 at 2:08 pm

It is a pleasure to announce the release of the new version of codoforum v4.8

Some highlights in this release:

We have been working on instant messenger feature - FreiChat; for past couple of months. We have now integrated it with codoforum, so you should now be able to see that at bottom right corner of this forum.

You can enable this feature from your forum by first upgrading the FreiChat plugin then enabling it in the Settings:


We have created a docker image for codoforum with all dependencies which installs itself automatically. So now with one single command you can install any version(>v4.7) of codoforum easily on your local or development setups.

Role colors
It is now possible to give unique styles to every role. We have added a new option in the backend under UI Elements -> Role colors

You can simply give the desired color or put your own styles in css for a given role:


New settings/configuration

You can switch between logo and site title and upload your logo for your site header.

You can now configure whether to use username or email or both for the login screen. This configuration is also applied for the admin login.


Codoforum had issues with cached css where icons were not loaded when you switched between http/https or www/without www. This has finally been fixed, and now it will even work for multiple domains pointing to the same forum. There are also other couple of bug fixes in this release.

As always, you can directly upgrade the forum from your backend or download and install the new version from

recent by WebCrew  ·  Nov 16 '19 at 12:59 pm

We are excited to announce a quick release within just weeks of our previous release.

We have fixed a plenty of annoying bugs in this release.
There are some security fixes as well as improvement to existing plugins.

We have also added forum privacy feature. You can make the forum private and accessible only to registered users with a toggle from the backend


Changes from our readme:

  • Make send pm button more visible
  • Post & cancel buttons: layout fix in new topic
  • Hide "edit profile" for users that dont have permission
  • Give warning if installing in database with codoforum tables
  • Improved anti spam rules plugin
  • Toggle to make forum private
  • Security fixes for routes
  • Oauth admin shows old settings on save & debug logging permissions fixed
  • Fixed password check for edit user in backend
  • Fixed role based search in backend
recent by 2K/  ·  Jul 11 '19 at 5:09 pm

It is a great pleasure to announce a new release of our forum V.4.6

We have fixed some annoying bugs in some plugins and fixed various ui issues.

We have also added a new plugin named 'Anti Spam Rules' for protecting your forum from spam. A visit to the forum just to see spam posts every day should greatly reduce after installing this plugin in your backend.


The new release completely gets rids off a huge html manipulation library named simple_html_dom which was used by some of the plugins. After removing this, you should see some speed improvements in your page load time.

And last, but the best feature of this release is our Private Messaging component. You should see a plugin named 'FreiChat' now in Codoforum plugins. We have used the latest technologies (ReactJS, Websockets, etc) to give you the best experience with a messaging system. Now messages will be delivered in a blink of an eye.
We will be releasing a new version within next 2 weeks for adding offline notification support in FreiChat PM; so do wait for that.


admin posted Nov 11 '18 at 5:54 pm

After a long period of development and regression-testing,

we have v.4.5 and you will love ❤️that it can embed everything!





and more..


  • Added option to load embedded content(only first) as part of excerpt in All topics and category page

  • Fixed pmx link getting appended to notifications div

  • Fixed pmx styles

  • Fixed dropdown popover bug and other css fixes to menu and responsive styles

  • Replaced custom tabs in profile view/edit with bootstrap tabs

  • Profile edit signature bug fixed

  • Fixed tick image path when subscription is changed

  • Added documentation to customize theme easily (Includes css fixes to standardize colors and removal of unused css)

  • Reply button not working for mobile bug fixed

recent by trippo  ·  Nov 20 '18 at 8:17 am

Okay so on the left side of the page, you can see....

^All Topics

  • Announcements & News
  • Other Category here
  • Blah

I want to be able to make more topics like this

^Topic 1

^Topic 2

^Topic 3

Anyone got any ideas on how to do this, sorry I am very new to forum development, but I need one setup for my community.

recent by zmilir  ·  Oct 14 '18 at 2:58 pm
admin posted Jul 3 '17 at 8:29 pm

We have released a new version of v.4-Alpha with following changes

  • Added Moderator only access in the admin panel.
  • Poll plugin
  • New theme
  • Sort by Most popular, newest and most commented

[more features will be added in the subsequent releases soon]

Old Forums can be upgraded:
You can find it here: http://<>/admin/index.php?page=manual_upgrade

The forum is still buggy so avoid using it on production. More stable and tested versions will be released in the next week.

Note: The pictures may look a little different from the alpha. But subsequent releases will completely match the pictures below

Main Page:

Category page:


User profile:


recent by zmilir  ·  Oct 14 '18 at 2:57 pm
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