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timconsidine posted 1 day ago at 6:40 pm

I see that the post_created field is an INT

Is the value a standard representation of a UNIX timestamp

e.g. 07/14/2020 @ 5:36pm (UTC) = 1594748168

Enquiring because importing some posts and want to set the post date to the original one

recent by timconsidine  ·  33 minutes ago

Hello, I am trying to install the forum over https, but I don't get past step 2. I use https standard and the step 3 is being stopped because of the XMLHttpRequest cannot load due to access control checks. I am getting frustrated by this big time.

additional I get this:
Fatal error: Uncaught PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY000] [1698] Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' in public_html/forum/sys/vendor/illuminate/database/Illuminate/Database/Connectors/Connector.php:47 Stack trace: #0 public_html/forum/sys/vendor/illuminate/database/Illuminate/Database/Connectors/Connector.php(47): PDO->__construct('mysql:host=loca...', 'root', 'root', Array) #1 public_html/forum/sys/vendor/illuminate/database/Illuminate/Database/Connectors/MySqlConnector.php(20): Illuminate\Database\Connectors\Connector->createConnection('mysql:host=loca...', Array, Array) #2 public_html/forum/sys/vendor/illuminate/database/Illuminate/Database/Connectors/ConnectionFactory.php(59): Illuminate\Database\Connectors\MySqlConnector->connect(Array) #3 public_html/forum/sys/vendor/illuminate/database/Illuminate/Database/Connectors/ConnectionFactory.php(47): Illuminate\Database\Connectors\ConnectionFactory->createSingleConnection(Array) #4 /U in public_html/forum/sys/vendor/illuminate/database/Illuminate/Database/Connectors/Connector.php on line 47

it seems it does not take the give login name and password set in step 2

recent by WebCrew  ·  Jun 12 at 11:23 pm
michael maser posted Jun 12 at 9:47 pm


I'm just exploring Codoforum with school use in mind. I like the clean UI, but I haven't found messaging or any indication really that CF has been adapted for school use. Does anyone know about this?

Thank you in advance,
Michael Maser
BC Canada

recent by WebCrew  ·  Jun 12 at 11:19 pm

Hi @admin

the "blog" here does report an error:

Fatal error: Uncaught PDOException: could not find driver in /usr/share/nginx/html/iwstack/landing-page/pages/blog/connect.php:6 Stack trace: #0 /usr/share/nginx/html/iwstack/landing-page/pages/blog/connect.php(6): PDO->__construct('sqlite:pages/bl...'smile #1 /usr/share/nginx/html/iwstack/landing-page/pages/blog/list_posts.php(4): require('/usr/share/ngin...'smile #2 /usr/share/nginx/html/iwstack/landing-page/pages/blog.php(41): require('/usr/share/ngin...'smile #3 /usr/share/nginx/html/iwstack/landing-page/index.php(30): include('/usr/share/ngin...'smile #4 /usr/share/nginx/html/iwstack/landing-page/index.php(62): get_contents('pages/blog.php'smile #5 {main} thrown in /usr/share/nginx/html/iwstack/landing-page/pages/blog/connect.php on line 6

Kind regards, Andy

recent by admin  ·  Jun 5 at 10:38 am
ferdi posted May 11 at 11:37 am

Hello, I installed codoforum on localhost. But even though I set htaccess, sef url doesn't work. And it is constantly moving like this: index.php?u=. Is there a way to fix this?

Note: Mod_rewrite is enabled.

Thank you.

recent by admin  ·  May 14 at 6:49 pm


I'm having issues with the Mail Notify plugin and the mail queue.

I have a user who's been getting the same email repeatedly.

I tracked down the issue to sys/CODOF/Forum/Notication/MailQueue.php on line 43:

$qry = 'DELETE FROM ' . PREFIX . 'codo_mail_queue WHERE id IN (' . $_ids . ')';

I believe the PREFIX or the codo_ should be there, but not both.

I also seem to be having an issue where none of my users are getting notified of posts, but I need to look into my mail logs to track that one down.

recent by admin  ·  May 14 at 6:49 pm

Anyone who has the "users" role is not able to see anything including the homepage. It will just auto-redirect them to there own profile. If they try to make a new topic it says the page is not found. The "Users" role permissions is as follows.

If I make a new role and have it copy permissions for "Users" and apply it to a test account, it will allow the test account to view categories and see the make a post. If I just have it set to the "Users" role it can't. I tried setting the user's role to nothing, saving, then setting it back to no change.

Anyone have had this issue and know a fix?

recent by blockgaming  ·  May 12 at 9:17 pm
AlexaFers posted Mar 27 at 1:42 am

helo,i have a problem with the role action.

I try to login with user and working as usually,but even i try to go to the main page on index.php i got problem with the role of user,administrator but even i try using the moderator role its working and nothing problem happened.Please ur attention guys.Thanks



I just installed Codoforum on my hosting. But, one thing that doesn't work correctly is the picture I upload is not shown, either in the live preview and when the topic is posted. Here is the screenshot.

When I inspect, I found this:

This is my attachment folder, seems the images are not uploaded correctly.

I have searched through another posts about this problem but those posts were several years ago. I just downloaded this Codoforum and installed it a week ago so it is the latest version.

Could anyone help with my problem?


recent by admin  ·  Apr 11 at 3:34 pm
MESSIAH posted Apr 6 at 11:41 am

This system scripts are very old - about 10 years like lemoniade.php - this template system was last time updated in 2010? Really? Is there no way to update system files to actual supported scripts? Codoforum should use same template system like phpbb - it's easy for use and it's little bit updated. Or other template system.

recent by WebCrew  ·  Apr 8 at 8:25 pm
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