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General installation Procedure

Pre-installation steps

Unzip the downloaded archive
Move/copy the extracted freichat folder in your CMS installed directory.
For Example, If you have installed joomla , freichat folder should be placed in /your/joomla/installed/directory/freichat
Enter the following path for installation

Step 1 - License agreement
Please read the license carefully and click accept

Step 2 - Integration
Here, you need to select your integration driver . If you are using a CMS then select your CMS If the list does not include your CMS or if you have custom coded your site then select Customized . Click next to proceed to the next step .

Step 3 - Database details [Only for Customized integration]

This step will only be visible for those who chose Customized as their integration driver .

Step 4 - Permissions

Normally , you should not have a problem here .
If any of the above files are not writable , give them write permissions and then refresh the page

Step 5 - choosing a password
Please change the default password for security reasons . For those who chose Customized driver for integration , this password is the same password as in the third step

Step 6 - Last step
If there is an option visible to download a module , then it is recommended to download and install it . Else If it is not visible then you will have to go with the manual installation