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pupsik posted Jul 29 '20 at 2:39 pm

Got a maybe a silly idea for some time in the future.

When user posts a new topic, it will go to a section called "New Topics"smile not the index page). So, users can vote on it. If, lets say topic gets "5" upvotes, it will than gets to be displayed in a main page under category person created a topic under. If not, it gets burried without showing up. - Sort of, let users moderate whats gets displayed on site according to their needs.

recent by WebCrew  ·  Aug 8 '20 at 12:42 am
pupsik posted Aug 1 '20 at 4:00 am

When browsing topic, and you want to reply to it quick, you have to scroll all the way up to post a comment. Not so great.

If i get some free time or what not, im going to try to add it. Not sure how its set up, opens up in java script? Sucks being out of town, i cant code on my phone.

blockgaming posted May 8 '20 at 5:12 am

When a user changes there password, requests a password reset, changes account info, deletes a post, and so on Codoforum should log the action in some page in the /admin page with stuff like browser agent, IP, and time/date, account, and so on.

recent by admin  ·  May 8 '20 at 9:58 am
blockgaming posted May 1 '20 at 6:53 am

A ability for a admin to login as a user on the forums through the admin backpage. This can be used to troubleshoot issues with people's accounts if they arise. This would be done by clicking a button and would not need a password. Or is there a plugin to do this?

recent by admin  ·  May 1 '20 at 10:52 am

So when someone is an admin user but logged into /forum/ they need to re-authenticate again in /forum/admin/ which is kinda silly.

Could you add something that to the menu list, like: 'View Profile' 'Admin Menu' 'Edit' 'Logout' so it automatically recognizes you as admin and logs in.

This would be more professional.

Change status of live chat to 'Away' 'Busy' 'Appear Offline', it kinda shows me as always online.. but i am not always behind my keyboard.

WebCrew posted Jan 3 '20 at 2:51 am

Hallo @admin

I am ask You if You would be so kind and extend CF with a little upgrade for our Member Profile pages. I`m talking about a Profile header image. So instead of the color gradient....:

.top-custom-container-profile {
    background: #844aa6;
    background: linear-gradient(to right,#844aa6 0%,#5a7fee 100%);
    min-height: 160px;

...... a background image. If I would be better with SQL and PHP I would simply try to copy the "avatar upload feature" of CF and convert it to a header upload feature, but sadly I`m only good with CSS and HTML (and a tiny little bit PHP knowledge).

All I can do and suggest is something like:


.top-custom-container-profile {
  width: 100%;
  height: 240px;
  background-image: url('profile_header.jpg');
  background-repeat: no-repeat;
  background-size: contain;
  border: none;

Best regards and thx a lot for Your work.


recent by admin  ·  Jan 5 '20 at 7:22 pm



You have already created a great modern platform with Codoforum. I think CF is not getting the attention it deserves.

Lately, it seems to me that you've lost a bit of interest and courage to bring the platform to a higher level. We do not see you in the forum that often anymore and also real new achievements are happen not that often anymore.

Please do not give up, Codoforum is great. Give the forum some updates such as:

  • a slightly nicer post layout (especially for pictures Uplaods)
  • colored roles for the names
  • a day & night style feature (easy done by and
  • a override css option from admin backend
  • more features with the user profiles such as a header image per profile and style adjustments regarding the new user fields in the backend (CF is used by game guilds and guilds love to have nice user profiles)
  • the plugin and design marketplace, because if this is available, then maybe more developers come up with the idea to settle in the forum and the support does not just depend on you
  • Please update the CF to PHP 7.3, there are still PHP error messages related to it

You made it so far and Codoforum could become a real alternative to forums systems like XenForo, WBB or MyBB.

I would be very happy if you find your drive again and would like to thank you for your efforts. CF and FC are outstanding and You guys are great!

Thank You!

Kind regards from Germany, Andy

recent by WebCrew  ·  Oct 7 '19 at 1:16 am
Tango posted Oct 6 '19 at 12:58 am


Please note that most of Codoforum dependencies need updating, but some of them need it asap:


recent by admin  ·  Oct 6 '19 at 12:10 pm
WinnyB posted Jun 22 '19 at 11:17 pm

I urge you to give forum posts a nicer layout.

Uploading pictures in different sizes will show them in different sizes - that looks awful.

So it would be really great if you would give CF a nicer post layout. Uniform thumbnail sizes and maybe the thumbnails in a nicer layout than just one below the other.

Thank You!

Bey, Winn smile

recent by WebCrew  ·  Jul 13 '19 at 12:03 pm

Hi CODO Team,

it would be fantastic if You can develop a FreiChat SSO Module also for the HumHub CMS. Its a Social Network CMS based on Yii2 Framework and it has a fast growing community at the Moment around 200K+ Users.

You have a very good chance to sell many of your premium licenses of FreiChat cause HumHub has so far only a simple messenger and the community is urgently looking for a good chat solution.

You can find HumHub here:

And the Developer Documentation here: HumHub Module Development

I hope You have the time to get the job done smile

Thanks a lot for Your good work mates!

Kind Regards, Andy

recent by WebCrew  ·  Jun 19 '19 at 4:39 pm

Hi @admin

A lot of people asking for a Codoforum Chat and PM solution. So why not integrate Freichat as a integrated solution in Codoforum?

People can use Freichat as a nice chat solution, but it is also good enough for most community wanted PM features.

So before you have to install Freichat as a extra separate app for Codoforum, why not make it an integral part of Codoforum?

Kind regards,


recent by admin  ·  Jan 23 '19 at 6:38 pm
hard_as_snails posted Mar 29 '16 at 1:43 pm

Email notifications

Send copy via email

Links to profiles in inbox

HTML Editor, plain text and/or emoticons in email (admin controlled)

Browser notifications

Notification if message has been read

User blocking

Admin blocking/banning/suspension of messaging facility per user type and/or per user

Spam filter to flag up and queue for admin and/or daily send limit

More obvious "Message User" button maybe in thread replies

Bamidele Okuwa posted Aug 21 '18 at 9:45 am


We have just installed FREICHAT business version and although the "Chat" tool is extremely good value the Video does need a little work.
1) The Chat incorporated in the video section does not always work (I shall be raising a trouble-ticket for this but thought it wise to mention it here)
2) The page that opens for chat could do with a bit of color is there anyway one can either add a "Background" or color to the page background? If not the take it as a suggestion.
3) the idea of a separate pop up window for video I do understand but an Option to have it "Embedded" inside the same window as the CHAT module from where you initially launch the video would be nice. Or atleast let it pop-up in the Chat room window or something as users having to leave the page they are on is somewhat not always a desirable behavior for website owners.
4) Most importantly what about "Screen Share"? You have Screen Capture but Screen share is the feature most desired in any video conference tool. Whistles and bells features are nice but it is "Screen Share" that does the magic.


recent by admin  ·  Aug 22 '18 at 5:20 pm
rychlics posted Dec 16 '14 at 10:12 pm


first of all, a big thank for this innovative forum with using of last technologies like responsive design thanks to HTML5 and CSS3.

I would suggest to add a new setting beside "Hide topic messages" and "Enable infinite scrolling" : the possibility to display directly in full rendering aspect the forum instead to click to "read more" link. This option very usefull for small forum allow a logical display with the right formating choosen by the writers. By example, it is indeed curious to see the quotes text part mixing with the answer.
If you don't want to have a too big user settings part in the frontend, this choice can be put else in the backend part.

recent by lilomo  ·  Jun 4 '18 at 11:19 am
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