Discussion about plugins and integrations.

baratabletam posted Jun 30 '19 at 7:45 am
Hello. Is there a script that can create a site like grandedesafio ?

On this site, the user asks a few questions from his friends. And he finds out how many of his questions answered his friends.

gdlaw posted Jun 21 '19 at 10:48 am
Is it possible to achieve the following:

I want to make a forum, where the user X have only 3-5 topics created, also I want to limit him to 2-3 replies in this 3-5 threads created by the limited user. Limit should last year.

I wondering if there is a plugin developer, which can make
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DavidRatoi posted Apr 22 '19 at 10:08 am
Hello there!
My name is Dave and I recently started using Codoforum. I need a litte bit of help, cuz' I'm kinda new.

I'm trying to find a way to use colors for each role in part. I found a plugin on GitHub, but I have no idea if it works, how to install it. (LINK: [codoforum-colored-roles]
recent by admin  ·  Apr 22 '19 at 7:20 pm
sokdina posted Mar 22 '19 at 2:03 pm
Hi guys, I use elgg 2.3 and plugin with Freichat. The installation is fine but when I started to configure for any menu like Client side. I can't. It is blank like in the picture. can you tell me what I did wrong?

recent by alexhood  ·  Mar 28 '19 at 8:31 am
StefanvanderHeijden posted Dec 27 '18 at 2:53 pm
I am trying to create a plugin and created a 1.0.php in the install folder to create a database, but this database is not created.
Since i already activated the plugin before this install file was available i am wondering if the install php file will run each time i activate the plugin or only t
fromerobrion posted Nov 2 '17 at 1:10 pm
The forum has been integrated in a website, but the Logout button does not work. The page loaded when pressing the Logout button is index.php?u=/user/logout, inside the forum, but the page is rendered blank. The Logout link in the sso plugin seems right, but it seems is never called.

Any ideas
Sam Wills posted May 24 '18 at 10:07 pm
Hello !

I'm developing a plugin based on uni_login (only with google) which allow to filter email adresses (a list for example). I wanted to know how is it possible to add an admin menu where I will manage my restriction list when the plugin is enabled.

Do you have any clues ?

recent by admin  ·  May 26 '18 at 6:30 pm
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