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staticstate posted Sep 13 at 10:16 pm
Ive been using freichat alot, and was working perfectly. Its still does the only thing that is not working is the sound that plays when you get a new message. It Stoped working like a month ago. i havent made any changes on the files or instalation... Please help.

btw its on an iframe thats why, how do i make it sound inside it?


recent by admin  ·  Sep 27 at 6:57 pm
I have uploaded the files to my server using filezilla, I have checked permissions and marked most of them at 0755.

Every time I try and install as per your instructions ( I get a 500 error

Can you please help me?

Hi there,

I use the latest version of PHP Fusion I notice some issues with Freichat, in relation to some other Infusions that are used on our website.

I'm guessing it's an Ajax or Javascript problem.

One infusion I use is called Nivo Slider. It's an image sliding function, that shuffles images and changes it every so often (you set the duration, like 5 seconds). When Freicha
recent by admin  ·  Aug 9 at 7:48 pm
When I enter the freichat administration, on the client side tab, saving displays this message. How to correct?

Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/dalpa067/public_html/portal/freichat/administrator/admin_files/home/client_side/index.php on line 42

recent by marcodp  ·  Aug 4 at 3:37 pm
2 posted Jul 5 at 8:40 pm
I have replace phpBB for Xenforo and now I want to reïnstall Freichat.

On this page I see Xenforo by "integrates with every website and technology".

On my Freichat installer I have no Xenforo option at "Choose Integration Type".

How can I integrate Freichat in Xenforo? I have an paid version of Freichat.

recent by admin  ·  Jul 28 at 7:10 am

I tried to install freichat after a very long time. I was trying to install freichat on wordpress 4.8 with buddypress installed but the chat was not showing up on front-end even when the provided code at the end of freichat installation was placed in header.php before </head> tag after <?php wp_head(); ?>. I tried to install it twice but the result was same however admin pa
recent by mehroz  ·  Jul 7 at 10:15 pm
ouslie posted Jul 6 at 2:28 pm
Hi, it's possible to clean tchat room after 2 days ?

ouslie posted Jul 6 at 2:17 am
I've integrated freichat and it's work perfectly.
Now I would like the administrator to write in red and the others in black
I've test this but i don't work perfectly.

$db = new Db();
$db->query('SELECT group_id FROM pun_users WHERE username="'.$login.'"');
$role = $db->field();

$color = "#F7230C";
recent by ouslie  ·  Jul 6 at 2:20 pm
ouslie posted Jun 30 at 10:31 am
I've installed, and integrate freichat into my website.
It works But after have select french language, all is always in english !
You have and idea ?

recent by ouslie  ·  Jul 6 at 2:12 am
werruf posted Jun 21 at 8:08 pm
How to expand the height of $frei_trans['noline'] to show an extended message instead of just "No One Is Online" ?
3 viewable lines would be fine without scrolling.

recent by werruf  ·  Jun 24 at 5:17 pm
I have just downloaded the latest free version from FreiChat,

I have installed on my server and given the code that you can add to the index or template file

I am using the OSDate platform with the FreshDate template i have added the code to the index.tpl but when I check
The preview link all I see is a blank page

And the install script says that the code is missing or not installe
Hi I have installed Freichat I am using OSdate when I login it shows guest user, when I logout it shows my username.

any suggestions on how I can fix this it seems to be backwards

/* FreiChat STARTS HERE */


$ses = LOGGED_IN_USERID; //tell freichat the userid of the current user

setcookie("freichat_user", "LOGGED_IN", time()+3600
hello everyone,

i have downloaded freichat but when i try to install friechat on my localhost it asks freichatadminpass when i enter text it does not get processed.

what to do to get installed freichat on localhost in customized

Deepak Sharma


I am using SMF (Forums). I have installed Freichat software and is working perfectly...

I am wanting to know how i can attach/iframe a specific chatroom (and that chat room only) to a html page... (I have tried this: no luck...

Please help

Thank you in advance.

tt posted Apr 19 at 10:47 am

I use Freichat Basic version on Joomla 2.5.28 since Nov. 2015. It seems that when it's activated it creates huge traffic on the server. For example the normal traffic of the site is around 1Mb and with Freichat is increased to 30-40Mb.
I have set it up to be visible only to Registered users which means around 300 max at a given time which is not a big number I guess.
How can I find w
recent by tt  ·  Apr 20 at 7:42 am
Q1: I've a phpBB3.2 forum with Freichat v.9(free downloaded). The instant messenger shows all the online users, even the bots. How can i solve this, i want to see friends only in the messenger. I have disabled the chatbox, i use only the messenger.

Q2: How can i upgrade from the free version to the corporate version? Is the best way to re-install it?

Q3: In the Netherlands is it possible
recent by  ·  Apr 19 at 7:33 pm
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