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I'm trying to install codoforum. I unzipped the archive in my doc root, set ownership on the files, and then tried to access it:

https ://

This fails, as you'll see if you fix the link and access it yourself. It redirects too many times.

The SSL is terminated by haproxy and the backend connection from haproxy to apache (both running 2.4 versions, oddly enough) is unencrypted, on port 81. It's installed on Ubuntu Linux Server, 20.04 LTS. I have other PHP software on the server that works perfectly.

For wordpress, I did have to set the back-end traffic to https, or it would not work. Is that what is going to be required here, so that codoforum knows that the browser is using https?

I have absolutely no idea where to even begin. The installation instructions claim the install is super easy, which is not what I am finding.


recent by WebCrew  ·  Sep 12 '21 at 10:16 pm
aaronhall posted May 11 '21 at 6:31 pm

Is there a way to add text and/or a banner at the top above where it says "Start New Topic" but below the header where the links are? Also, how can I change the Favicon?

Also is there a way to add Forum Statistics and a Who's Online anywhere...maybe as a plugin?

recent by WebCrew  ·  May 11 '21 at 6:54 pm


Today I wondered if it was possible to create a custom homepage instead of it being the forum as default.

I tried some methods I had in mind, like checking backend or moving the existing "index.php" file to a different destination however I could find any success in both of the methods.

I would like to know how you can/if you can create a custom homepage.


recent by admin  ·  Apr 21 '21 at 10:48 pm
eric229 posted Dec 13 '18 at 8:39 pm

Hey! So, I just installed the forum, got it all set up with users and so on. The only thing that I can not figure out is how to change the "link section" in the navbar. The dropdown menu now shows the following:

Another Action
Something Else Here
Separated Link
One more separated link.

I know these are just examples, but how to I edit/remove them?
Thanks in advance,
regards Eric

recent by Benileir  ·  Apr 19 '21 at 9:20 pm

Thanks for the great forum.

@adesh or @admin Please help on how I can deny all my users the privilege of having to choose between infinite Scrolling and normal. I want the default to be infinite Scrolling and unchangeable.

Also, I would like to change my text editor, any suggestions for a plugin like a Twitter like text editor.
I've been receiving an error when a user inserts an emoji from his phone. The problem is also on this site, you can see the exception on the attached screenshot.


recent by admin  ·  Apr 7 '21 at 10:08 pm


I want to have a custom profile field on my users profiles, however there is no option to have it appear on the profile but not being able to edit it in user settings

It's either, have both (display and editable) or how neither.

Is there anyway I can just have a custom profile feature be displayed on the profile, but not be changeable in settings



Hello. Having few issues still.

  1. When image is posted in a post it self when you click on it it opens in a lightbox, thats good. But then you go back to home page and click on same image, it try's to save on the computer instead of opening in lightbox.

  2. When "Creating" a post and trying upload multiple images to post in Mobile device, when you hit "Upload" nothing is happening. Works fine in the comments.

  3. - still shows as a link. And in home page shows nothing. needs to be fixed.

  4. .mp4 links not displaying videos. They dont even show up on main page as a link.

recent by WebCrew  ·  Jan 29 '21 at 4:02 am
wocek posted Jan 7 '21 at 11:27 am


because I had some problems with vanilla forums, I want to change my forum script. I want to know something about Codoforum:

  1. Does Codoforum support transition from other forum software?
  2. Does Codoforum support sending e-mail notification via external server? (e.g. Gmail)
  3. Is Codoforum stable or beta? Has it got stability problems?

Sorry for my poor English

recent by wocek  ·  Jan 10 '21 at 1:27 pm
Haidar007 posted Jun 11 '16 at 2:35 pm

Hi, I have installed codoforum to my site. But I was planing to pay posting bonus and referral's posting bonus to my clients. My site is related to forex and it's very much necessary to my forum.

Are there any way that I can get that to my forum?

Thanks in Advance

recent by WebCrew  ·  Dec 25 '20 at 1:38 am

This is a duplicate of a support ticket I created earlier today; perhaps it's worthwhile with a broader audience and greater visibility to find what I'm looking for.

I have recently installed codoforum on OLSWS. The installation was mostly painless; however some of the admin pages aren't working properly. I did hit a snag trying to create my admin user - when trying to create an admin user with a different name I got an error, but when I named the admin user "admin" it proceeded as desired. I don't know if this is a bug or intentional; just thought it worth a mention.

Initially I was getting 404/403 errors on the whole site, but I updated the .htaccess with the recommended rewrite rules and that brought it to life.

However, I'm getting errors in the admin area on a couple of pages when trying to "save" settings. Example: the "Global settings" is accessible but throws 403 when I try to save.
Same problem with trying to edit "Pages" - I can access them, and bring up the editor, but when I try to save it's 403.

All permissions have been set by default by "Cyberpanel": all files are rw-r-r and all directories are rwxr-xr-x.

The codoforum looks and feels amazing. Would be great to publicize that we can make it work on OpenLightSpeed WebServer smile

Also, there is a broken link at // (left off the h-t-t-p-s due to user restrictions) at the bottom of the post it suggests to create a topic if you have problems installing on a different web server.

Here is the way the link is formed on the instalation docs page: (I couldn't post the h-t-t-p due to user restrictions)

Here is how it should be formed (I couldn't post the h-t-t-p-s due to user restrictions)

recent by fitkoh  ·  Dec 16 '20 at 8:13 pm
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