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WebCrew posted Aug 30 '19 at 1:03 am

Hallo Community

because there is no dark theme (style) for Codoforum I created one for myself and I share the result now with the Codo community.

I am not a professional webdesign artist or developer. It is one of my hobbies and even if I love webdesign and already created a lot of projects, I`m sure the theme is far from perfect but it is ready to use.

If You like it or download it give me a thumbs up or leave a comment.

I try to update the theme from time to time and maybe I will integrate some new features too.

Here is the download link:

Kind Regards, Andy



I'm Hungarian.
I can not speak English.
I have a problem sso.
My website is MTDb - Ultimate Movie & TV Database Script.
My codoforum
mysql database is the same!
My client.php and sso.php files here
I want the user to log in
here "://"
you will be logged in automatically
here is "://"
I don't know what to write here if (USER_IS_LOGGED_IN)!
Please help someone !!!

recent by alizka72  ·  Jun 10 at 11:47 am
TheGeek posted May 22 at 9:04 pm

Hey @admin it's me again. Hope you're doing great!

Man, I got 2 more problems.

  1. I can't happen to Add or Show Pagination in Tags pages. You see, it's not there by default. And I tried to write my own codes but that didn't work.

  2. Stuffs don't show up for Specify Pages. When I put just 1 path, it works fine. But when I put multiple paths (one per line) it doesn't work at all.


So buddy, can you help me out here? It's driving me nuts.
Thanks in advance!

recent by TheGeek  ·  May 27 at 6:12 pm

I'm creating a forum related to a particular, but broad topic, and it needs to have the following specific features:

-the ability to follow individual users and have all their posts AND COMMENTS show up in your main feed.

-the ability to upload/download documents as a post that can be commented under like any other post. (It would also be great if it could somehow be displayed in the post, but that's not essential).

-the ability to search for the document posts based on specific keywords. Not a global site search, but searching within the "documents" sub itself.

-the ability to create private subs.

If anyone could tell me if codologic has those features, that would be great. Thanks!

recent by WebCrew  ·  May 22 at 2:08 am

First off, I wanna thank the Developer (Adesh) for creating this sweet piece of content management system in the first place. Really man, a Million thanks to you!

Now, I gotta put a Dagger in your Chest. You see, buddy, you just forgot to utilize 2 cute little important features in the back-end of your script.
Now, I know a lotta folks including yourself must be thinking... what could that possibly be?
Well, behold my friends! I'll show it to ya. Just mind the Points I mentioned below:

  • Store attachments on a sub-domain rather than the Parent Domain
  • Restrict users (according to Primary Role settings) from creating Topics under a specific Category

Now, the Question is... why is it so Important?

Well, the Answer is very Simple.

  1. If you store attachments on a different portal, say a sub-domain... it'll improve overall Page Loading Speed tremendously. Like you know, if 10000 folks upload Images on the main Domain with 50 Images per Page and 1000 folks access the Website at the same time... you can Imagine how incredibly it'll slow down the response of the server.So, you gotta use the sub-domain to store attachments. Just like YouTube, Amazon and WordPress sites do.

Now about the Restriction:

  1. Let's just say there are some users that I don't want to allow create Topics under a specific category, say News and Announcements. So, when I set the Rule for a user, say a Moderator... he won't be able to create Topics under News and Announcements but he can create Topics elsewhere.

But sadly, these 2 FEATURES ain't available in Codoforum. So my buddies @adesh, @admin and @WebCrew don't you folks think they are very Important to get 'em adopted in this Software?
If so, can you make 'em happen, cap'n?

recent by TheGeek  ·  Apr 2 at 3:10 pm
gonzalo.alvarez posted Jan 25 at 1:07 am

I am starting to use Codoforum.
In the post I use the button to load an image. The image is well loaded on the server, in the correct path, but it is not shown in the post, neither in the initial screen nor when entering the post. Only a link appears with the name assigned to the image.
I've been trying solutions but still can't get it to work.
I am using xampp with php 7.4


Any ideas ?
Thanks a lot
Kind regards

3 posted Dec 24 '21 at 1:45 am


Biggest fan of Codoforum + Freichat here.

Unfortunately have encountered some issues with our integration of codoforum and freichat, after having to do a backup, something went wrong and we can't figure the solution.

We implemented both chat and forum on the loopazon platform awhile back, on CS.Cart, if the team recalls. All was wonderful with both freichat and codoforum, with the integrated login for both.

I've attached links to the videos demonstrating the problems. Could you take a look and let me know any solutions?

Here's the screen casts demonstrating the issues:

Best regards,

recent by neso5013  ·  Jan 14 at 8:56 am

I am not able to install codoforum I am getting the below error please help me with the solution

Warning: session_start(): Failed to decode session object. Session has been destroyed in C:\xampp\htdocs\Forum\sys\CODOF\Util.php on line 93

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected token "*", expecting end of file in C:\xampp\htdocs\Forum\cache\HB\compiled\57397fb48242849719080522fa095531.php on line 2

recent by admin  ·  Dec 8 '21 at 9:19 am

I'm trying to install codoforum. I unzipped the archive in my doc root, set ownership on the files, and then tried to access it:

https ://

This fails, as you'll see if you fix the link and access it yourself. It redirects too many times.

The SSL is terminated by haproxy and the backend connection from haproxy to apache (both running 2.4 versions, oddly enough) is unencrypted, on port 81. It's installed on Ubuntu Linux Server, 20.04 LTS. I have other PHP software on the server that works perfectly.

For wordpress, I did have to set the back-end traffic to https, or it would not work. Is that what is going to be required here, so that codoforum knows that the browser is using https?

I have absolutely no idea where to even begin. The installation instructions claim the install is super easy, which is not what I am finding.


recent by WebCrew  ·  Sep 12 '21 at 10:16 pm
aaronhall posted May 11 '21 at 6:31 pm

Is there a way to add text and/or a banner at the top above where it says "Start New Topic" but below the header where the links are? Also, how can I change the Favicon?

Also is there a way to add Forum Statistics and a Who's Online anywhere...maybe as a plugin?

recent by WebCrew  ·  May 11 '21 at 6:54 pm


Today I wondered if it was possible to create a custom homepage instead of it being the forum as default.

I tried some methods I had in mind, like checking backend or moving the existing "index.php" file to a different destination however I could find any success in both of the methods.

I would like to know how you can/if you can create a custom homepage.


recent by admin  ·  Apr 21 '21 at 10:48 pm
eric229 posted Dec 13 '18 at 8:39 pm

Hey! So, I just installed the forum, got it all set up with users and so on. The only thing that I can not figure out is how to change the "link section" in the navbar. The dropdown menu now shows the following:

Another Action
Something Else Here
Separated Link
One more separated link.

I know these are just examples, but how to I edit/remove them?
Thanks in advance,
regards Eric

recent by Benileir  ·  Apr 19 '21 at 9:20 pm
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