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WebCrew posted Aug 30 '19 at 1:03 am

Hallo Community

because there is no dark theme (style) for Codoforum I created one for myself and I share the result now with the Codo community.

I am not a professional webdesign artist or developer. It is one of my hobbies and even if I love webdesign and already created a lot of projects, I`m sure the theme is far from perfect but it is ready to use.

If You like it or download it give me a thumbs up or leave a comment.

I try to update the theme from time to time and maybe I will integrate some new features too.

Here is the download link - PLEASE dont forget to give me a STAR rating at GitHub thanks mates:

Kind Regards, Andy


recent by WebCrew  ·  Sep 28 at 4:55 am

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Hallo Community

Today is one of those days where I thought "hey, it would be cool if the Codoforum community gave something back to our brilliant developers".

So I designed a small banner and you dudes are very welcome to share it on all your social accounts like Twitter, Facebook etc. We'll make sure that the hut gets some momentum again.

Thank you very much.

Best regards, Andy smile

recent by Rannviv  ·  5 days ago at 12:26 pm

When I try to access the forum in my VM, the below error is shown at every webpage I attempt to enter.

Fatal error: Uncaught PDOException: PDO::__construct(): php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Temporary failure in name resolution in /var/www/codoforum/sys/vendor/illuminate/database/Illuminate/Database/Connectors/Connector.php:47 Stack trace: #0 /var/www/codoforum/sys/vendor/illuminate/database/Illuminate/Database/Connectors/Connector.php(47): PDO->__construct() #1 /var/www/codoforum/sys/vendor/illuminate/database/Illuminate/Database/Connectors/MySqlConnector.php(20): Illuminate\Database\Connectors\Connector->createConnection() #2 /var/www/codoforum/sys/vendor/illuminate/database/Illuminate/Database/Connectors/ConnectionFactory.php(57): Illuminate\Database\Connectors\MySqlConnector->connect() #3 /var/www/codoforum/sys/vendor/illuminate/database/Illuminate/Database/Connectors/ConnectionFactory.php(46): Illuminate\Database\Connectors\ConnectionFactory->createSingleConnection() #4 /var/www/codoforum/sys/vendor/illuminate/database/Illuminate/Database/DatabaseManager.php(176): Illuminate\Database\Connectors\Connectio in /var/www/codoforum/sys/vendor/illuminate/database/Illuminate/Database/Connectors/Connector.php on line 47

I haven't made any changes to the forum prior to getting this error and I am not sure what may be causing this issue.

recent by WebCrew  ·  Sep 25 at 1:54 am
WebCrew posted Sep 3 at 12:47 pm

Hallo @admin and @adesh

I would have thought of something small that could perhaps be integrated with little effort.

You know my dark theme here in the community. How would it be to use this as a kind of day/night theme?

All that would be necessary would be two links in the user menu with one link pointing to the Codoforum standard theme (i.e. light design / day mode) and you could add my theme to the system as a theme and use it as a dark theme via a link. So all you have to do is integrate these two links into the user menu and the theme chosen by the user is then stored in the browser cookie. Bingo ready is the Codoforum Day/Night Mode smile

That would be a little thing that many would be happy about and for me it's ok if you use my theme for it.

Greetings, WebCrew smile

EdwardNigma posted Aug 31 at 10:24 pm

In the documentation have a list of critical third-party domains vanilla Codoforum will need to connect to for features to work

An example of a domain i'd say is critical:
is a example of something i would say is a critical third party domain as if Codoforum is unable to connect to it, then the "Edit Badges" page will not load.

Why this is important:
Codoforum gives the right to self-host forums if you opt for the free plan. (All forum features cannot remove Powered by) (source).

As someone who self-hosts an install of Codoforum myself (Configured an Ubunutu Server myself, setup web server, maintenance, security) I also have to configure the content security policies. And if Codoforum gave a list domains to add to the list so Codoforum works without issue then it'd remove the headache of figuring out which some features do not work (as example from above, the badges not working if is not whitelisted, Freichat not working if also is not whitelisted, and so on.

Warning: session_start(): Failed to decode session object. Session has been destroyed in C:\xampp\htdocs\sys\CODOF\Util.php on line 93

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected token "*", expecting end of file in C:\xampp\htdocs\cache\HB\compiled\57397fb48242849719080522fa095531.php on line 2

I've tried reinstalling Xampp, making sure Apache and SQL are both on, and fully reinstalling Codoforum

The file in question begins with:

function lcr62fe908d3e7baraw($cx, $v, $ex = 0)
if ($ex) {
return $v;

recent by EdwardNigma  ·  Aug 31 at 10:04 pm

Hallo @admin and @adesh

Only recently people from the community wrote to me in the chat where they can delete their account.

This has now led me to propose you to adapt Codoforum and FreiChat to the new laws.

It is the case in the EU and also in the USA that there is now this GDPR and COPA privacy law. This grants community and website users the right to receive their complete data sets, e.g. as a JSON file, and allows users to completely delete their accounts.

Since one of the largest markets for selling scripts, apps, CMS etc. is in Europe and America, it would be really important to adapt Codoforum and FreiChat to these new laws.

Well, that's all I wanted to say apart from that, as always, thank you very much for your work - keep up the good work, you're great! smile

Kind regards, WebCrew smile

recent by admin  ·  Aug 30 at 8:08 pm

Hallo @adesh and @admin

I usually don't write any suggestions or only very rarely. The fact that I enjoy working here as a volunteer (as far as I can) gave me the following idea:

It would be a great feature if it could be possible to create some kind of "article templates" in the admin backend.

What I mean by that is that it allows you to create a fixed template structure for forum posts, for example:

  1. for tutorials
  2. support requests
  3. or reviews
  4. etc.

That would simply be an ingenious feature to bring more order and, of course, a nicer structure to a forum, for which it would be clearer and more uniform.
Furthermore, I think it would give Codoforum a good advantage over most other forum software since the feature is very rare.

What do you think of it - would this be feasible and would you want to tackle it?

Kind regards and thx for your awesome work.

Andy smile

recent by WebCrew  ·  Aug 30 at 5:11 pm

Hallo @adesh @admin

I'm sorry I haven't been here every day for the past few weeks. I've been doing this for years and I enjoy it, even now. The fact is that I had an incident in my private environment which is currently keeping me very busy and taking up a lot of my time. But this will pass and I will soon be checking in here every day again.

I wish you all the best, keep up the good work and I will still check here 1-2 times a week until everything is back to normal.

Best regards, WebCrew smile

recent by WebCrew  ·  Aug 30 at 4:52 pm
lahlou posted May 24 '13 at 9:27 am

Can we, in Freichat, see as an Administrator users chat history? For example Seeing the last two days chat...

Also, Can Freichat automatically delete old chat messages? For example, deleting all messages older than 5 days... Or do we have to do it manually?

Thank you

recent by admin  ·  Aug 27 at 10:23 pm
DenialDeni posted Jan 23 at 11:24 pm

Hi, I installed FreiChat on a HumHub site. It worked fine until a CroneJobs issue. After that the chat bubble doesn't appeared any more (I assume the problem started after that). I have unistalled and re installed many times the chat module, and even have deleted the site account on the dashboard of FreiChat, and the chat continues without appears.v

recent by WebCrew  ·  Aug 21 at 10:51 pm


  • Post drafts does not save entered polls
  • Browser push notifcations does not seem to work
  • When a user is modifying their bio, it adds the HTML code <p></p> to it
  • When a user is modifying their profile and goes under "preferences" it does not show if Show real-time notifications or Show desktop notifications is enabled.
  • When a user clicks on the search bar at the top it auto-jumps up to the top of the forum when scrolling
  • When in the admin dashboard and the user enables "Spam Filter" it changes but refreshes and it shows as if it did not change until the user reloads the page


  • A way to prevent guests from voting twice on a poll if logged out (ex. IP)
  • Use more gender-neutral language during UI elements (ex. polls saying "Can user recast his vote?" (Not major, just more professional language)

Just some things i've noticed playing around with Codo, cheers

recent by WebCrew  ·  Aug 21 at 10:45 pm
admin posted Sep 13 '20 at 8:36 pm

After months of development and testing and your valuable feedback, we are very pleased to announce the release of new version of our forum, Codoforum V5.0
Our primary focus for this release has been the internal framework itself and a whole host of new features.

Here are some of the major changes:

Highlight to Quote:

Now you can easily quote while replying to topics by simply highlighting any part of the text and clicking the quote button.


Now easily assign badges and make your members feel special.


You can also upload your own badges from the control panel


Sticky topic without permission

This is really useful when you want your categories to be private but would want the sticky topic to be visible to users who do not have permission to view the category. This can be toggled from the Global Settings in the Control Panel.

Login as any user

Note: This feature is for admin users to help debug any issues and hence you are responsible to uphold any privacy laws that are prevalent in your country. This can be accessed from Manage users -> Edit a user, and you should see a button to login as that user.

Replace Limonade with FastRoute Router

We have been using the Limonade framework for over 6 years now and the framework isn't being maintained and is not compatible with new version of PHP (PHP7.4 and above), Hence we switched to FastRoute, It is written by Nikita Popov, one of the current principal contributors to PHP, Apart from being fast, it is also used as a base for many other frameworks out there.

Global search feature

We have centralized both the topics and category search into one unified interface with advanced filters and sorting options.

Other Features:

  • Responsive videos for mobiles
  • Backend options for infinite and hide topic messages
  • Libraries moved to composer
  • Added vBulletin Importer
  • New plugin for Azure Active Directory support
  • Faster email batching and dequeue

We have made a couple of performance improvements as well as fixed many bugs.

List of changes:

  • Cyrillic characters fixed
  • Excerpt updated for better performance and view
  • Mentions not working properly fixed
  • Title split fixed
  • Permission fixes and aggregator fixes
  • Made save button responsive in all pages
  • Added non-ssl mail support
  • Fixed digest bugs
  • Infinite scrolling not working fixed
  • Fixed responsive theme issues
  • More prominent create/reply buttons
  • Password fix for PHP 7.4
  • Poll edit bug fixed
  • BBcode multiline not working fixed
  • Added missing translations when infinite scroll in topic
  • Delete post bug fixed
  • Many Editor UI fixes
  • Closed topic permission fix
  • Image preview fix
  • Template bug fixes

Preparing for PHP 8 and Codoforum 6

Codoforum so far has maintained strict backwards compatibility, this means you could upgrade from the oldest version of Codoforum to v5 without any major issues. The plugins written for v1 would still work for v5. This ofcourse comes at a price, The price being a lot of bloat to maintain backwards compatibility and a lot of time spent in regression tests. Codoforum v5 removes a lot of bloat and is almost a major rewrite, but as we are tied to PHP 7.3, we still cannot use the new PHP features like, Typed class properties, JIT, Attributes, Null safe operator, named arguments etc which make the code a lot cleaner, faster and easier to maintain.

Hence, we have decided that going forward, the next major release would target PHP 8, Yes, we know PHP 8 isn't out yet and is a few months away but we have already started making preparations for it.

What would this mean for you?
Likely nothing to worry about, you will be able to upgrade from V5.x to v6 from the control panel, If your plugins and themes target v5, they will mostly work as they do. If there are issues, we will help you through the upgrade process.

recent by thobias44  ·  Aug 7 at 7:19 pm

I'm Hungarian.
I can not speak English.
I have a problem sso.
My website is MTDb - Ultimate Movie & TV Database Script.
My codoforum
mysql database is the same!
My client.php and sso.php files here
I want the user to log in
here "://"
you will be logged in automatically
here is "://"
I don't know what to write here if (USER_IS_LOGGED_IN)!
Please help someone !!!

recent by alizka72  ·  Jun 10 at 11:47 am
TheGeek posted May 22 at 9:04 pm

Hey @admin it's me again. Hope you're doing great!

Man, I got 2 more problems.

  1. I can't happen to Add or Show Pagination in Tags pages. You see, it's not there by default. And I tried to write my own codes but that didn't work.

  2. Stuffs don't show up for Specify Pages. When I put just 1 path, it works fine. But when I put multiple paths (one per line) it doesn't work at all.


So buddy, can you help me out here? It's driving me nuts.
Thanks in advance!

recent by TheGeek  ·  May 27 at 6:12 pm
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